Thank You!

Together with Fr. Stamati Sfikas, the Annunciation Cathedral Parish Council would like to thank the members of our 130th Anniversary Gala committee for organizing an amazing event. As a committee, you worked together in unison with mutual respect for one another, proving that when we join forces and work together we can accomplish great things, all for the glory of God. Most especially, the council would like to extend a most heartfelt thank you to our chairladies, Mrs. Eleni Bousis and Mrs. Lena Milissis; without their vision, dedication and commitment, this event could not have been possible. Your community appreciates you and all of your work beyond measure.

To our sponsors, donors, and friends, we are thankful for your outpouring of love and generosity. Your support for our historic Cathedral allows us to continue to offer Christ's love and ministry to every person that walks through our doors. Words are insufficient to express how grateful we are to each of you!

May we be blessed to celebrate many more accomplishments in the years ahead as a "Pillar of Orthodoxy" always united in faith and love for the Glory of God and His Holy Church!

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